De Dietrich Process Systems is an agitation expert for the mixing of chemical products. Our knowledge in glass-lined steel agitation systems and our many years of experience as a reactor manufacturer (including glassing techniques) have allowed us to develop expertise in the field of mixing and thermal calculation.

With our know-how, our company, constantly looking for innovation, has developed an adaptable agitation system: GlasLock®, equipped with removable blades. De Dietrich Process Systems also knows how to optimize the baffles for the chemical reaction to achieve maximum efficiency with our wall-mounted OptiMix® baffle system that minimizes splashing.

Mixing technology

De Dietrich calibrated glass-lined agitatorAgitation is a process that involves mixing products to obtain a homogeneous solution.

Mixing is a complex process in which different parameters are considered:

  • Hydrodynamics (turbulent or laminar flow)
  • Heat transfer (heating, cooling, control of exothermic reactions)
  • Chemical (reactants and products)
  • Mechanical (injected energy, shear rate, absorbed power, ...)

The agitator creates eddies, which allows the products to be mixed together. It can be improved by adding baffles or breakwaters that prevent the formation of a vortex.

Influence of mixing in chemical processes

In the chemical industry, agitation is an important process both from the standpoint of the safety of the chemical reaction and the performance of the chemical reaction.

De Dietrich Process Systems is a glass-lined vessel provider which has recognized expertise in agitation and for whom innovation and improvement of processes is a priority: our latest range OptiMix® - HE, launched in 2011, is an illustration of De Dietrich Process Systems' pursuit of performance and innovation.

The first glass-lined agitators were one-piece agitators: either impeller agitators or anchors.

Glaslock SystemBoth types of agitation were limited in terms of performance and flexibility, so we created our own system called GlasLock® agitation.

The principle of GlasLock blades is a mobile system that can be easily installed and dismantled, allowing more blade design opportunities and enabling the integration of our agitators in vessels where the main opening (manhole) is smaller.

A solution for your process

A solution for your process - De Dietrich Process SystemsThe diversity of our agitation systems can provide our customers with various options for improvement according to their needs ( dispersion, homogenization, heat transfer, dissolution, ...).

The mechanical design of this set is just as important as the type of mobile chosen because it is possible to define a rotational speed of the agitation drive that should operate without problems since stopping the agitation may have serious consequences within a chemical operation (runaway reaction causing an explosion for example).

De Dietrich Process Systems expertise offers the best agitation solution with a reliable and powerful engine, which is essential to the chemical process.


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