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On this page you will find all the latest information about the COVID-19 pandemic impact on De Dietrich Process Systems activities. This page will be updated regularly.

April 6th, 2020

SITREP : Our French facilities have resumed activities

All our french sites (Zinswiller and Semur-en-Auxois) have resumed activities today.

Our other sites in Europe, USA or China are working fine, with adapted working conditions (all the employees are working from home when it is possible). On all of our facilities, safety and sanitary measures are in place and working spaces and conditions have been modified to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

Our priorities remain :

  • The protection of our employees and their families
  • The continuity of our activities
  • The social responsability of the Company

De Dietrich Process Systems' responsibility is to ensure the continuity of its service for the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industries. This role is crucial and vital in this period.

We are fully available to our customers and proud of our contribution in this collective effort.

You can contact us using our usual e-mail addresses.


March 23rd, 2020

SITREP : Our Hyderabad and Mumbai (IN) facilities

We would like to inform you about the actions of De Dietrich Process Systems India- Hyderabad and Mumbai facilities, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic as declared by World Health Organization.

Containing the spread of the virus being our utmost responsibility and also supporting the regulations laid by government, we have applied all required preventive measures to protect our employees and service providers as a part of which we have taken the following steps:

  1. Mumbai office, Service, SCM, HR will be working full time from home and all other employees are in readiness to join factory / office at very short notice.
  2. Service team will try and resolve the problems via conferencing in the first place, thus try and revive the equipment/system. In situations where this is not possible, they will try and reach you at the earliest possible time. Supporting our customers is our top priority and we are doing the utmost to minimise any problem arising from the situation.
  3. Production and supplies are shut down until 31st March 2020 based on government directive. We will start supplies of pending deliveries from the first week of April 2020, If such is allowed by government.
  4. In this time of uncertainty, we request you to bear with us  and we will be in constant contact with you to understand your immediate priorities and serve you better.

Along with being a health issue, it is also a difficult time for the business scenario. We are sure that you understand the issue involved with the availability of material and we request all to please bear with us.

We are deeply convinced that increased and proactive cooperation will enable us to overcome this challenge together.

Please reach us at –

Mr. Jayakumar,

Email: ,

Tel: +91 7702466771


March 20th, 2020

SITREP : Our Semur-En-Auxois (FR) factory

Following the measures enforced by the French Government (at least a 15-day containment), we have decided to close our Semur-En-Auxois facility today. The closure will be effective tonight. At this time, we do not have any information regarding a reopening date but we will continue to keep you updated about the situation.


March 18th, 2020

SITREP : Our Zinswiller (FR) factory

We would like to inform you about the specific situation of our De Dietrich Process Systems in Zinswiller (FR) regarding the Covid-19. During the last days we have applied drastic preventive measures to protect our employees.

For a week, a specific work organization to create significant space between all employees has been in place. All administrative employees have been relocated in home office. All external and internal travels have been canceled, and for the ones linked to emergency and or Service they all were following drastic safety rules. We also insured to have sufficient stock of raw material to follow our industrial activity.

Nevertheless, our country, France, is now under containment and more specifically our local area is a specific active cluster of the virus. Day by day many of us must resign to come at work for personal or family reason, most of the neighbor companies here are closing for safety.

This means that despite all those measures taken as preventive plans, we are now facing a situation that we must order to all our employees to stay in complete containment.

By Thursday March 19th we are step by step closing the Zinswiller site (our process needs several days to execute such closing)

Unfortunately the current situation makes us impossible to inform about the day of future start up, so we can not forecast the impact on our delivery. The known information is that the official containment in France is a minimum of 15 days.

So far all others De Dietrich Process Systems factories (in Europe and worldwide), out of Alsace cluster, are still in operation. Your privileged contacts can still be reached by the same means of communication. 

We are deeply convinced that increased and proactive cooperation will enable us to overcome this challenge.

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