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The biomass left aside after an extraction process can be dryed out to recover the valuable solvent still contained in it. On the other hand, drying might be necessary because of regulatory constraints or future usage of the spent biomass, to remove the solvent content before it goes away. The solvent recovered during drying can be reused for other operations or shall be regenerated in a distillation column.
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  • Multiple technologies available, adapted to each requirement
  • Our engineering teams can integrate up-stream and down-stream equipment aside the dryer itself, delivering flawless turnkeys units


  • Conical, bi-conical, spherical, horizontal and pan dryers
  • Vacuum drying to preserve the organoleptic properties and to achieve very low residual moisture content
  • Stirrer & drive design ensure a powerful and efficient mixing
  • Heating of stirrer shall benefit dramatically to the efficiency of the drying, accounting for up to 50% of the energy transfer
  • Load factors up to 80% on certain equipment
  • Telescopic lump-breakers systems can be installed when conglomerates are likely to form during drying
  • Product discharge can be done in a contained way
  • Dust filters with automatic unclogging cycles prevent any contamination of the vacuum line and components
  • Turnkey units, including all auxiliary equipment: heating units, condensers, buffer tanks, filling stations with weighing control, frameworks, in line screening/milling and packaging systems…


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