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Essential oil Distillation Columns

The thermal separation of volatiles compounds is performed in a rectification column in order to isolate a specific fraction of the initial mixture, to remove undesirable products, to enrich one of the main constituents.

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A typical use of the rectification column is to produce pure isolates from raw essential oils or to regenerate solvent from upstream operations.

Types of columns internals and packings, boilers arrangements and materials can be adapted for each specific application.



  • Stainless steel, borosilicate glass, glass-lined and special alloys possibilities to fit to specific working conditions
  • Process simulation and calculations for design optimization


  • Batch and continuous systems columns
  • Design pressure from high vacuum for temperature sensitive products to pressurized units for specific applications
  • Random packing or structured packing for high efficiency units
  • Forced circulation falling film and thin-film evaporators can be selected for short contact time and high evaporation rates
  • A large range of packing and columns internals for outstanding performance
  • Full automation with field operator interfaces
  • Turnkey units, including all auxiliary equipment: liquid pumps, vacuum pumps, instrumentation, frameworks, piping…
  • ATEX


  • Our process simulation tools and extensive know-how of natural ingredients help us design the best solution for your needs. Ask for our Engineering support!
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