Rosenmund - Guedu, known for high quality filtration and drying equipment, is now a part of De Dietrich Process Systems



The Rosenmund brand is well known for high quality filtration and drying equipment in pharmaceutical and chemical processes. A long time leader in innovation of filter-dryers, Rosenmund has been integrated in the De Dietrich Process Systems group since 1999.

The Guedu brand, known for filter-dryers, pan dryer and powder blenders, has been successively integrated in Rosenmund and then De Dietrich Process Systems.

Founded in 1810, in Switzerland, Rosenmund is the recognized world leader in the design, development, construction, installation and support of filtration, mixing and drying equipment for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Rosenmund is a leader of:

  • Mechanical solid/liquid separation
  • Mechanical liquid/liquid separation
  • Drying for chemical and pharmaceutical products
  • Accordance to cGMP and FDA guidelines