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January, 2014

De Dietrich Process Systems Group

De Dietrich Process Systems is the globally leading provider of process equipment, engineered systems and process solutions  for the fine chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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  1. CPHL Paris monday, 13rd october 2014

    CPhl Paris 2014

    De Dietrich Process Systems thanks all the customers who visited us on our booth at CPHI PARIS and for their interest in our products.

    CPHI Paris

  2. monday, 7th july 2014

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  3. wednesday, 9th april 2014

    330 Years DE DIETRICH

    330 years is an impressive age, especially for a company. De Dietrich® certainly is a shining example of longevity, but what meaning can be given today to such an anniversary?
    The origins of the Dietrich tradition can be traced back to the beginning of 1684, binding together a business, a family and a community.

    The company has successfully faced many crises. It has kept an industrial vision focused upon the long term and open to the world. The company is present today on all continents to stay close to its customers and to offer the best technology in its areas of excellence: glass-lined steel, QVF® borosilicate glass, Rosenmund® filter-dryers, corrosive effluents treatment units.

    The family tradition is linked to 12 generations of the Dietrich family, who managed the company but who also made other significant contributions to society, such as Philippe Frederic de Dietrich (1748-1793), scientist (at the Academy of Sciences of Paris with Lavoisier) and Mayor of Strasbourg in 1790.

    The community is the area around Reichshoffen where the industry has developed and operated to this day. It extended over the years into sustainable industrial operations in the United States, Germany, China, India and several other countries. If we had to summarize in one sentence our tradition, remember our motto: "No sibi, sed aliis ". “Not for himself but for others.”

    De Dietrich® has developed for more than three centuries a strong society consciousness, contributing to sustainable development in the regions where we invest, in accordance with local cultures, the environment and all regulatory requirements.

    Perhaps it is our adherence to these positive values that is the key to our longevity?


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