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A name that has toured the world

When Didier Demange became "Dietrich Sonntag" being received burghers of Strasbourg in 1578, he never imagined that his new name would cross the centuries and oceans, linked to a certain idea of work, quality and compliance values.
Dietrich and their descendants have played a significant role in the public life of their respective eras, even at European level. But it is especially in the industrial field that the name "Dietrich" was shown, the ignition of the first blast furnace Jaegerthal in 1685 until today. The vicissitudes of history have often endangered the company, but, thanks to the family spirit, the will to save what had been transmitted by previous generations and respecting their values, she knew overcome. Counted among the pioneers of the automobile and railway construction, the firm has significantly diversified its production over time.
These pages follow step by step the amazing story of a family, a business and especially a name that has been around the world.

Published in 2016

Price: 15€

Bugatti and De Dietrich

Ettore Bugatti is 20 years old when he is hired by Eugène de Dietrich in 1902. It is the beginning of a great industrial adventure for one and the end of the car manufacturing for the other. Norbert Steinhauser relates with precision this eventful adventure and describes the 3 cars (types 3, 4 and 5) created by Bugatti for De Dietrich.

Published in 2011

Price: 25€

De Dietrich since 325 years

On the occasion of the 325th year of the company, this anniversary book presents the economical history in an original way: De Dietrich through advertisement. On more than two centuries and through more than 200 original color documents, these pages illustrate the wide range of the productions made by De Dietrich. 

Published in 2009

Price: 25€

Around the Dietrich family

Understanding the company's beginning helps to understand the link between politics, spirituality and industry in the year 1685, the same year the Edict of Nantes was revoked. This book also presents the particular story that concerns both the company and the forest of the Schwander mayor as well as the bonds of Amélie de Dietrich with literature.

Published in 2008

Price: 15€

Around the De Dietrich family

Among the most outstanding members of the de Dietrich family, Philippe Frédéric is the most remarkable figure. Scholar with Lavoisier, first mayor of Strasbourg, originator of La Marseillaire, he was decapitated in 1793. This book regroups more than 20 articles centered on his life and work.

Published in 2007

Price  15€ (only in French)

The House of De Dietrich from 1685 to the present days

From the day the blast furnace was turned on in Jaegerthal to the present days, the De Dietrich company is a unique example of family, territory and industry transmission. This economic story is narrated by Michel Hau and completed by more than 200 pictures.

Published in 2006

Price: 20€

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