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De Dietrich Process Systems Powder Pump keeps Operators safe

Achieving Process, Improvement through contained, automated transfer
De Dietrich Process Systems Powder Pump keeps Operators safe


No company ever wants an employee to be injured on the job, so when this did occur at a chemical manufacturer’s plant in Texas, they contacted De Dietrich Process Systems to provide a more automated and contained method of charging solids into reactors to prevent operator injury and exposure to hazardous materials.
A site trial was initially conducted with a Powder Pump rental unit to ensure our system could effectively transfer the powder the required distance. After confirming the product could be transferred with the Powder Pump system, De Dietrich Process Systems supplied a bulk bag unloading station with two Powder Pumps and a PLC control system capable of charging specific batch weights at controlled transfer rates.


The customer referenced is a chemical manufacturer in Texas, known for providing safe, sustainable chemistry programs and services to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry, refineries and petrochemical operations.

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