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Development of new processes for bio-refinery applications

Focus on oleaginous raw materials, extracted from the biomass.
« We have chosen De Dietrich not only for their know-how in process industrialization tools, but also because of the services and support».
Gilles Ravot, General Manager, SAS Pivert

SAS Pivert  located in Compiègne (North of Paris) is just starting integrating their “BIOGIS CENTER”, a brand new facility  equipped with innovative pilot units. Looking for new partnership in process development , they contacted De Dietrich Process Systems.







De Dietrich Process Systems immediatly excited by the challenge, proposed a partnership agreement including process support, scale-up calculations, technologic innovations / parketin, possibility to use the unit to perform trials for DDPS' Clients. De Dietrich Process Systems supplied a multi-purpose pilot skid, enabling process trials of:

  • Chemical synthesis (reaction steps),
  • Batch & Continuous distillation.







SAS Pivert got a "state of the art" process facility, now ready for its partners to start industrialization of innovative, plant-based molecules.







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