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Upgrade of Ethanol Extraction Facility

Our client is a manufacturer of medical devices
Reactor overhead glass assemblies project

Upgrade of Ethanol Extraction Facility consisting of: 

  • Upgrade to 8 Extraction Rigs
  • Replacement of Control System
  • Upgrade to Mechanical Services 

Ethanol extraction rigs use liquid / solid extraction to remove plasticisers and other contaminants from rubber components for use in medical devices such as inhalers. De Dietrich Process Systems has in depth knowledge of the process and the regulatory requirements for the facility and a successful track record of delivering the projects on time and within budget. An order was received after initially performing a design study.

De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd have been involved in the development of the ethanol extraction process, design, installation and commissioning and qualification of the ethanol extraction facility for over 15 years and have installed 9 off glass extraction rigs, the infrastructure for 3 further rigs and 3 glass scrubber systems with supporting services, utilities and control systems.
De Dietrich Process Systems upgraded Ethanol Extraction Facility for the Pharmaceuticals industry.

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