04 November 2019
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Cryogenic flow chemistry made easy !

De Dietrich Process Systems and InnoSyn B.V. have developed a complete standardized CryoFlowSkid for 3 reactions steps in one single compact mobile system, fully automated and ready for operation - assumed that the infrastructure for organometall chemistry is already on site. Typical production rates of 10%wt solution of the final product are up to 50 kg/h. These reactions can be carried out at temperatures as low as -60°C - others up to +100°C.


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Tomorrow's Chemistry meets the Power of Engineering

Simplified API production with organometalls

Continuous kg-Production

• Cryogenic reactions

• 3 Steps in 1 system

• Ready for operation

• Fully automated

Operating range

• Temperature: -60 to +100 °C

• Pressure: up to 20 barg

• Hydraulic throughput: up to 100 l/h

• Production capacity: up to 5 kg/h

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