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Central discharge mechanism upgrade


Central discharge systems are difficult to maintain and have a high number of parts and packed glands in the product contact area.

By exchanging a discharge tube to a segmented ball valve, and changing paddle blades to inverted heated S blade agitator, leak tightness and effective discharge are guaranteed.


  • Reduced maintenance
  • Improved cleanability
  • Minimised cross contamination
  • Atex compliant


Upgrade stuffing box to mechanical seal


In order to have a cleaner, safer and more GMP compliant rotational seal, a mechanical seal is the perfect solution. Mechanical seals can replace stuffing boxes seamlessly and ensure full regulatory compliance. In addition they ensure leak tightness more effectively and offer lower maintenance costs. With gas lubricated seals,  risks of product contamination are vitrually nil. Please contact us to discover how to upgrade your equipment.


Side discharge valve upgrade


In order to eliminate common problems on older designs, such as

  • Tightness issues
  • Material contamination from seals
  • Cleanability issues

Discharge valves can be upgraded or exchanged to include the following features:

  • Metal/metal sealing
  • Worm screw system instead of hydraulic rams
  • Gloves to manually wipe sealing surfaces
  • CIP/WIP nozzles.


Atex upgrade


For several years, our activity is to develop and propose to our customers upgrades on existing machines like filters and dryers. The revamping operation is proposed to modify the existing equipments with modern technical solutions for an easier using or in order to improve their performances.

The upgrades of the machine can be defined after expertise at customer’s sites, or when the machines have been sent back to our workshops. We are able to propose also a complete revamping or overhaul operation from second hand machine.

The reasons for which the Upgrade is required are most of the time the ATEX 2014/34/EU or Safety machine requirements 2006/42/CE.

The corresponding modifications realized to the equipments are mainly:

  •  Replacement of drive shaft sealing : Suitable ATEX mechanical seal
  • ‚ Replacement of all electrical components and control panels compliant to ATEX conditions
  • ƒ Replacement of hydraulic unit compliant to ATEX conditions :If used in hazardous area
  • „ Replacement of the shaft driving system by ATEX components : Electrical motor / gearbox
  • … Complete functional and safety tests of the machines





In older machines, the actuation of the drive system was made fully hydraulically.

More and more, our customers are interested to replace this design by a reducer coupled with an electrical motor and frequency converter as most of the existing hydraulic parts are now obsolete and require maintenance important costs.

The advantages obtained with the electrical power will be mainly as follows:

  • More compact design requiring less space around the machine
  • Less cost and time for maintenance operations
  • No risk of pollution by oil for pharmaceutical application
  • Less noisy running

The main modification for this upgrade will consist of replacement of the main drive shaft, adaptation the existing frame and housing, supplying of the electrical motor and gearbox. This upgrade can be done also to get an ATEX compliance.

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