Complete Retrofitting

We are able to refurbish and update your old vessel to be in compliance with current standards, and issue you a "like new" piece of equipment!

Apart from reglassing alone we can:

  • Add or remove nozzles
  • Change your old finger baffle, or baffle with Tantalum pit, with our modern Beavertail baffle with thermoprobe integrated
  • Replace the outlet nozzle with a blockflange
  • Replace your old drive unit with a MDL one in compliance with your Atex zones.
  • Upgrade you inner vessel by adding OptiMix baffles and free-up one or two nozzles on the top head.
  • Change the support system
  • Replace the jacket when needed
  • Fully or partially insulate your vessel
  • Optimize your agitation in terms of heat exchanges, power consumption, special mixing dedication
  • Add CIP devices
  • Add instrumentation...
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