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Connecting Glass

Couplings and gaskets for different glass flange Systems
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Connecting glass
Standard spare parts for your glass plants of the last 60 years !

The Glass Flange Systems you may have



The Glass (Flange) History

Connecting and interconnecting the different glass system

  • Flange couplings for all nominal diameters DN15 to DN1000
  • Flange rings made of plastic, steel and stainless steel
  • PTFE gaskets for old glass plants with FDA-certificate

60 years old QVF®Cone flange to QVF®SUPRA-Line dissasembeled

QVF®Cone flange to QVF® SUPRA-Line dissassembled

60 years old QVF®Cone flange to QVF®SUPRA-Line

Cone flange to QVF® SUPRA-Line


Borosilicate glass 3.3 is a most suitable and a longtime proven material in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry due to its universal corrosion resistance, smoothness and transparency. The special material properties of borosilicate glass 3.3 require specially adapted manufacturing processes providing specific shapes of the connecting glass flanges. Due to the fact that glass systems have been manufactured since decades, numerous different types of glass flanges are still in use and comply with e.g DIN and TA-Luft standards. In the course of our company history 4 glass systems had already been established since the mid-50s. They have been replaced 2012 by the QVF® SUPRA-Line.

Full Compatibility

The QVF® SUPRA-Line combines the technical advantages of these former glass systems. Furthermore, the QVF® SUPRA-Line permits not only to connect the former glass systems to the QVF® SUPRA-Line but also to interconnect the different former glass systems among each other.

Full Compatibility


The operation of existing glass plants is secured by the supply of original QVF® spare parts. The different types of PTFE-gaskets suitable for different applications are still available as QVF® standard components.


Flange Couplings

The range of flange couplings DN15 up to DN1000 with flange rings made of steel or stainless steel is complemented up to DN300 with flange rings made of plastic.

Flange Coupling


As an example the couplings and gaskets DN25 for the QVF® glass systems QVF® WPR and QVF® SUPRA-Line are shown.

Example Connection SL-SL SL-WPR
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