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Drum Dock Station

Safe and contained transfer of powders
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The Drum Dock Station is designed to allow transfer of powders from drums by pneumatic transfer
using gravity feed or a suction lance.
Applications: Installed in the pharmaceutical or Chemical Industry to provide containment when discharging or transferring powders from drums into a variety of process equipment.


This system provides the ability to empty lined drums in a safe and contained manner. Modular design allows easy integration of auxiliary equipment for particle size reduction or solids aeration during transfer.
Also available in the system is the capability of the station to discharge a predetermined amount of powder from the drum when loading from the vertical position underneath the station.


• Transfer of toxic and explosive powders in total security
• High containment
• Easy to clean
• User friendly
• Multipurpose


• Strictly controlled conditions (in line with REACH)
• High containment system (down to 1μg/m3 depending on configuration)
• Partial or total offload of drums with a single or double liner or without any liner
• Easy manipulation of the lance
• Reconfigurable to a drum tipping station with optional lump breaker
• CIP by spray gun/balls provided
• Compliant with Atex, FDA regulations
• Optional nitrogen purge

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