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Laboratory Pocket filter

The Pocket Filter performs fast, safe demonstrations and tests of filtration, washing and drying. Suitable for table top installation
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Laboratory Pocket filter
The Pocket Filter is ideal for chemical and pharmaceutical companies looking to make smarter, more cost effective scale-up choices.

Pocket filter advantages

Purposely designed for bench-top filtration testing, it offers a number of advantages:

  • Mobility – Small and easy to transport, you always have the right tool in the right place.
  • Laboratory Tests - The Pocket Filter kit contains all you need to perform laboratory tests simply and safely.
  • Filtration tests – perform pressure and vacuum filtration testing. The tests yield a filtration rate and cake depth as well as the optimizing of filtration pressure, filter media and filtration time.
  • Washing tests – demonstrate the relative efficiencies of displacement versus reslurry washing.
  • Drying tests – measure the feasibility of vacuum and pressure gas drying while circulating hot fluid throughout the jacket.
  • New Application Data - The Pocket Filter gives you daily support in the laboratory and provides valuable data for any new application before it is tried at full scale.
  • Full-Scale Options - The Pocket Filter allows you to examine the effect on your filtration rate (and therefore your batch time) of varying pressures and different types of filter media, such as cloth versus sintered metal, or micron rating. Determining the optimum solution on the bench-top is far easier than in the midst of a full-scale production campaign!
  • Process Optimization - Test data are frequently the basis for process improvements.
  • Cost Effective - With a minimum of investment you obtain data which lead quickly and safely to the best solution.
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