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Beavertail baffle

The flange-mounted Beavertail baffle with temperature sensing system offers high performance mixing even at low liquid levels
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The high performance Beavertail Baffle


The Beavertail baffle is flange-mounted allowing easy, no-entry installation and removal. It can be installed through one of the standard nozzles on a De Dietrich reactor as well as any other glass-lined reactor. No special holder is required for the baffle. Our DR type temperature sensor comes standard.

The flange-mounted design reduces the possibility of leaks through gaskets, since only one gasket is required for a seal.

Sized to fit vessels from 370 liters to 110,000 liters (popular sizes from 370 liters to 20,000 liters are normally available from stock for quick shipment).

Headroom approximately equal to the length of the baffle is required.


  • No need to enter vessel or remove contents to install or change-out the baffle
  • Chance of leaks substantially reduced with only one gasket required for a seal
  • Sensor change out/maintenance while vessel is in service
  • High performance mixing even at low liquid levels
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