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Dip pipe baffle

The innovative combination dip pipe/baffle provides four functions in one piece of equipment.
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Baffling, product introduction, sampling and temperature measurement can all be performed from a single nozzle, freeing up additional nozzles for other functions.

Installation requires a DN200 (8”) nozzle or larger. A bellow or expansion joint must be used in conjunction with the baffle/dip pipe to compensate the thermal expansion of the inner pipe.

Baffling: The Beavertail Baffle design creates a superior mixing environment even in the most demanding process conditions.

Product introduction: possibility to introduce different fluid at the heart of the reactor without opening it.

Sampling: The dip pipe portion of the baffle enables samples to be taken during vessel operation, eliminating the hassle of having to stop production to obtain samples. In addition, when samples are taken during the mixing process, a more accurate specimen can be captured.

Temperature Measurement: our SVR removable cartridge type temperature sensor (100Ω RTD) is optional and housed in the left tube. Because there is no metal thermowell or gasket exposed, maintenance is stress free.


  • Flange-mounted for easy and inexpensive installation without having to enter the vessel and cause unwanted delays in production.
  • Completely lined with DD 3009 glass, the unit has optimum corrosion resistance and meets cGMP requirements for cleaning.
  • The temperature sensor can be removed or replaced while the vessel is still in service.
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