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Spherical dryers

The Spherical Dryer is a highly engineered and precision fabricated vacuum dryer designed to utilize heat input, effective mixing and vacuum for product drying.
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Spherical dryers
Dedicated or multi-purpose applications : the best in product quality, total discharge, cGMP production, cleanability.

The trend setting spherical dryer range with top or bottom drive is the latest development of the proven Rosenmund® dryers that achieve the highest performance standards. A versatile solution for drying, mixing and granulating.

Cleaned in a flash. Emptied completely

The easy cleaning and simple emptying are the most important features of the Rosenmund® spherical dryer. Its simple structure, the spherical vessel and the slide ring seal above the product area make CIP-/WIP cleaning and SIP-Sterilization possible with a few spray balls or ARD (Automatic Retracting Device) nozzles. Cleaning fluids and dissolved product residues run out through the drain fittings at the lowest point of the vessel. Along with the slope in the direction of the outlet valve, this enables a complete and fast product discharge. The product outlet is a special ball valve that seals the vessel with minimum dead volume.

    Everything in view during inspection!

    To allow quick inspection at any time, the top driven spherical dryer can be easily opened, by swiveling up the lower half of the sphere. This simple operation is achieved by a hydraulic part-turn actuator driving open a bayonet quick lock main flange all at the touch of button! The dryer can be fixed to the ceiling, ideal for cleaning-room installations for product offloading.

      Explosion pressure surges? No problem at all!

      Since dryers are designed for vacuum operation, the risk of thermal decomposition or dust explosion requires them to be designed for higher pressures in many cases. The spherical shape with maximum volume and minimum surface is the ideal geometry for an explosion containing vessel. The ball valve will remain in the sealed position even if a power failure occurs, and it is a reliable component in this fail-safe principle. A construction that is resistant to explosion pressure surges is therefore easily accomplished!

      Maximum mixing with the three blade agitator

      The spherical dryer achieves a high degree of mixing via a three blade agitator with a high rational speed. By heating the agitator, the heated exchange area can be increased further, thus improving heat transfer and preventing wet goods from being baked onto the hub and blades. These are the ideal prerequisites for short drying time and reproducible drying results.

      High speed chopper reduces lump formation

      To prevent the formation of lumps that prevent avoid moisture from being removed from the product, an additional chopper will improve results in many cases. The vertically arranged chopper brings two decisive advantages. First of all, it helps to achieve consistent results that are practically independent of the filling volume. Secondly, no wet product is sprayed on parts of the walls that the agitator does not reach.

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      Important advantages at a glance

      • Drying, mixing and granulating.
      • Fast and easy cleaning (CIP/WIP and SIP).
      • Total product discharge.
      • Short drying time.
      • Reproducible drying result.
      • Heatable agitator.
      • Vertical chopper/lumpbreaker.
      • Easy to inspect.
      • Assembly in ceiling.
      • Containment of explosion pressure surges.
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