The company at a glance

Our mission is to contribute to improving the health of populations and preserving the planet.

The pharmaceutical and chemical industry is evolving towards environmental protection, the well-being of populations and the challenges of the circular economy.

Our mission

De Dietrich Process Systems’ mission is to contribute to improving the health of populations and preserving the planet by:

  • Providing the pharmaceutical and chemical industry with technological solutions optimised in terms of quality, reliability, safety, cleanability and energy consumption
  • Providing complete solutions for greater containment of operations, especially in terms of operationnal safety, operator health and well-being, customer’s product quality, environmental protection and production tool sustainability
  • Supporting the green chemistry industry by providing it with specific equipment and solutions, so that it can develop and contribute to health and environmental challenges

Our ambition

Our ambition is to position the Group’s future on a sustainable growth and profitable path.Based on the innovation and development of our technological capabilities we aim to provide our customers with a wider range of products, solutions and service offers while carrying on the century-long history of innovation, passion and solutions that defines De Dietrich


Our ethical principles are listening and respect, setting an example and transparency. They define the way in which we live together; they fashion our culture, build our reputation and play a part in wellbeing at work. It is in a daily context that these ethical principles make the most sense. Whether in working together daily, or in exchanges with our clients, these ethical principles apply naturally and allow us to continue as a Group that inspires confidence.

  • Listening and respect.
    Providing proof of openness and attention, avoiding prejudices, listening with empathy and recognising the ideas of others in order to provide the appropriate response; accepting that others are different, while insisting on respect for the rules, processes and reasoning laid down by the company.
  • Setting an example.
    Being punctual, reactive and sensitive to others, having a sense of responsibility, honouring commitments and respecting facts, are all part of the qualities expected from each worker, in order to establish their legitimacy, instill confidence and encourage performance and wellbeing at work at the same time.
  • Transparency.
    We favour open, regular, accurate and transparent communication. To respect facts is to keep a level of objectivity and intellectual honesty, beyond mere opinions and privileges. It is to dare to acknowledge the existence of a problem and to recognise the reality of its impact, even when the solution appears to be out of reach.




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