Sustainable development

The sustainable policy of De Dietrich Process Systems

The actions

A sustainable development day on the occasion of the 330th anniversary of De Dietrich Process Systems was organized with both parents and children to increase their awareness of the environmental issues. The children were invited to make drawings on the subject.

De Dietrich Process Systems gets involved in environmental issues with the support of the PAC (PolyAluminium Chloride) process system for water treatment


Why Sustainable Development ?

The Earth, our planet, is in danger. Today, we consume and we waste a lot of the natural resources whose creation has taken millions of years: air, water, oceans, forests, lands, biodiversity, … We do not have a spare planet !

So, how could we satisfy our actual needs without definitively deplete our planet and preserve Earth for the future generations ?

Just by learning how to save and how to share our resources, by using new and clean technologies, and above all, by changing our consumption habits and our behaviors towards our planet. 


What is Sustainable Development ?

A development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


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