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Our client is the third largest producer of fosfomycin in the world. Initially he produced by fermentation. It has a small but very unique structure, origin of its therapeutic activity.
Filter/Dryer case study

Pervades almost all liquids and tissues. It serves for the production of broad-spectrum antibiotics, virtually non-toxic, so it can be used in high doses, with specific applications to combat hospital infections and severe infections caused by susceptible microorganisms, urinary and genital tracts. They also have applications in veterinary medicine.

The methanol solution with the product is sterilized in a filter battery and finally transferred to a sterile crystalizer were the Fosfomycin-Na and the Succinic acid precipitate. The solution is then transferred to our sterile filter dryer where the product recovery and drying take place. The final product is discharge, loaded and canned. 





De Dietrich Equipos Químicos has performed the complete conceptual and detail engineering of the new plant. During the project, the design and specifications were based on the use of our filter. The customer agreed on that based in the good references from other customers in this particular field of sterile applications.




De Dietrich Process Systems set up the complete conceptual and detail engineering based on Filter/Dryer, for the Pharmaceuticals industry and for the Filtration and Drying solutions




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