Filtration & Drying Trial Solutions

A number of small scale trial units are available for rental, for trials either at your site or in the De Dietrich Process Systems trial laboratory.
Filtration & Drying Trial Solutions

In order to accurately size your equipment abd to satisfy your process requirements, drying and filtration trials can be performed with the assistance of our process experts.

We will assist you in performing the trials and provide you with a fully details report with recommendations on performance and successful scale up.

Thanks to our available test equipments in our facility, we can offer the following services:


  • Measure of the filterability of a product Calculation of the cake specific resistance Definition of the best type of media (pore size, media type: textile or metal monolayer or multilayer)
  • Extrapolation of filtration areas and cycle times at the industrial scale

Drying: Measurement and extrapolation to the industrial scale of a product drying properties:

  • Drying cycle duration
  • Agitation speed
  • Lump breaking
  • Dust Filter area
  • Required heating power
  • Vacuum pump and condenser sizing
  • Final product humidity content
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