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Reactor overhead glass assemblies project

5 QVF reactor glass overheads with SIC condensers projects undertaken
and successfully completed by De Dietrich Process Systems India. It highlights De Dietrich’s organizational capabilities and domain expertise in the field of Pharma, Bio-Pharma & Chemical industries.
Reactor overhead glass assemblies project

Key Product Features which differentiates De Dietrich Process Systems from competitors :

  • Silicon Carbide Heat Exchanger
  • Corrosion Resistant Systems
  • High Chemical & Temperature Resistance,
  • Low Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
  • No Catalytic Effect, No Adverse Physiological Properties
  • Non-Flammability
  • Transparency & Sustainability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Documentation enables GMP-validation




De Dietrich’s dedicated and technologically well supported team of knowledgeable professionals worked hard, designed the customized solution for the exact requirement of client for a manufacturing facility of High-Value Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and delivered it optimally & timely with utmost proficiency. This dedication towards work paves us with the opportunity to be a part of this project which got approved by USFDA. We bagged the order for 05 units of over-head Glass Assemblies, sizes up to 5KL for reactor. Successful Hand Over: Overcoming all the challenges, De Dietrich successfully handed over the project with 100% customer satisfaction. Summary: Serving client with world class Equipments and Engineering Systems providing utmost satisfaction is the prime objective of our team. This project provided DDIN (De Dietrich India) a great learning experience. DDIN successfully installed and commissioned the 05 units of over-head Glass Assemblies (Two-4KL and Three-5KL) at client site.




Execution Challenges: Frequent changes in the layout Civil, Piping & Floor work was all revised and not as agreed on at the time of project discussion and finalization. Overcoming Challenges: De Dietrich’s engineering team adapted and tackled the uninformed changes with quick thinking, applied process engineering capabilities and made the changes in the assembly after its dispatch at client’s site with full system efficiency.




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