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Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals are usually manufactured in batch chemical plants using batch processing techniques.
Specialty Chemicals

A batch process is one in which a defined quantity of product is made from a fixed input of raw materials during a measured period of time.

The batch process most often consists of introducing accurately measured amounts of starting materials into a vessel followed by a series of processes involving mixing, heating & cooling, making more chemical reactions, distillation, crystallization, separation, drying, packaging etc., taking place at predetermined and scheduled intervals.

De Dietrich Process Systems is providing solution to wide range of manufacturing such as:

Organic chemicals
Inorganic chemicals
Plastic chemicals
Dyes and pigments
Soap and detergent
Explosives chemicals
Bromine chemicals
Catalyst chemicals
Consumer chemicals
Nuclear chemicals

Based on its expertise in corrosive environment, engineered solutions, process intensification, powder handling and filtration drying, De Dietrich Process Systems is providing solutions in Reaction, Extraction, Distillation, Filtration, Drying, Heat transfer, Piping & valves, Mineral acid treatment, Halide treatment, Waste water treatment, Waste gas treatment, Fluidized bed drying...

Related Products:

  • Bio-Reactors UV-Reactor
  • Flextech Fermentation
  • Hydrogenation reactor
  • Stirred vessel
  • Column
  • Mixer settler
  • ROTADEST Extraction system
  • Immersion heater
  • Circulation evaporator
  • Thin film evaporator
  • Horizontal evaporator
  • Column internals
  • Filter dryer
  • Glass-lined filter dryer
  • Nutsch Filter
  • Pan dryer
  • Conical dryer
  • Spherical dryer
  • Universal dryer
  • Filter dryer
  • Horizontal dryer - paddle dryer
  • Double cone dryer

De Dietrich Process Systems has a strong know-how in industrial process plants in the following applications :

  • Mineral acids
  • Recovery H2SO4
  • Concentration HNO3
  • Purification HCI
  • Dilution
  • Halide brines
  • Production Br2
  • Plurification Cl2
  • Removal I2
  • Waste water / Waste gas treatment
  • Recovery Phenol
  • Conversion NOx
  • Absorption SO2
  • Reduction SO3
  • Removal HCI
  • Purification CI2


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