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De Dietrich Process Systems has been promoted to the CEIA's vice presidency

14 November 2022
De Dietrich Process Systems Equipment (Wuxi) Co., LTD has been promoted to the China Enamel Industry Association as vice-president unit and to the Industrial Glass-Lining Branch as vice-chairman unit.

The China Enamel Industry Association (CEIA) Industrial Glass Lining Branch is a social organization voluntarily organized by the production enterprises, product supporting enterprises, scientific research, design, and teaching units in the national industrial enamel industry.

Our Chinese branch is a member of the aforementioned association since 2014 and has been actively involved in its activities since then.

On August 1, 2022, Song Yuping, President of China Enamel Industry Association, Zhang Ming, Secretary General of China Enamel Industry Association, and his delegation visited our Wuxi factories, and they were deeply impressed by both our expertise and the quality of our manufactured equipment. Following the tour of our premises, De Dietrich Process Systems (Wuxi) Co., LTD., was appointed Vice President of the China Enamel Industry Association and made us a benchmarking enterprise, some kind of a role model for all companies who are producing glass-lined steel. This is an honor to us as we are the only European manufacturer sitting at this level in the association.

By keeping our presence in  this association while becoming a member of its highest body, we will be able to be informed of the trends of the national enamel industry policy, investments and development directions  as well as making our voice heard by participating in the formulation of industry standards, quality supervision, testing and identification, thus improving our market leader status in China and in Asia.

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