07 October 2019
"FRESH-FROM-FAT" Filter Dryer 4m2 in Alloy 2.4602

Fully new Filter Dryer 4m2 in Alloy 2.4602 including vessel, dust filter, side discharge valve and hydraulic unit.

The unit was not yet used for production, only FAT was performed.


  • Total volume: 5580 L
  • Slurry volume: 4640 L
  • Cake volume: 2000 L
  • Drive unit stroke: 500 mm
  • Filtration surface of the dust filter: 1.45 m2
  • Surface roughness: Ra int.: 0.6 μm - Ra ext.: 1.6 μm


  • Design temperature: -29°C / +185°C
  • Design pressure: -1 / +6 bars
  • ATEX: Inside 2GD c IIB T135° - Outside 3G c IIB T135°C

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