Reconditioned Equipment: a viable alternative to buying brand-new

If you have existing equipment that needs repair or upgrading, you can consider having the unit refurbished. 
But if you need additional equipment and you don’t have the capital to buy it brand-new,
a third option is to purchase reconditioned equipment.


Reconditioned equipment (also known as refurbished, revamped, etc...) can allow you to get equipment at a fraction of the cost with virtually the same peak working condition as brand new equipment.  
Refurbished equipment involves taking existing equipment and revamping it to offset the effects of the wear and tear it has endured from years of service.    
A typical reconditioning includes replacing broken parts and upgrading various components to optimize the unit’s performance.


Benefits of purchasing reconditioned equipment:


If you need equipment with a small lead time, reconditioned equipment can help to significantly shorten the delivery schedule over the procurement of new equipment which can take weeks or even months depending on the scope of supply.


While price can vary depending on the complexity of the unit and the amount of reconditioning required, in general a refurbished piece of equipment can save you anywhere from 30-50% off the price of a newly fabricated one. 

Quality guarantee

De Dietrich Process Systems offer the same warranty and sales support on refurbished equipment as new units. 
This serves as a guarantee that the “like-new” equipment you are receiving will run as you expect it to. 
Our refurbishment program tests the reconditioned systems against our new equipment standards, guaranteeing that the equipment is the same quality as a new unit coming off the production line. 
This enables us to “factory re-certify” the equipment, ensuring quality standards have been met. 

Environmental impact

Reconditioning vessels is a great way to be environmentally friendly. 
They offer a green alternative to disposing a large machine that still has life in it. 
Plus, it saves steel and other resources needed to manufacture a new unit. 


Refurbished equipment is an appealing alternative that allows businesses to affordably procure new equipment
and expand their operation, all while modernizing its features and capabilities.


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