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De Dietrich components

De Dietrich stocks a comprehensive range of replacement/spare parts to minimize downtime of your production units.
De Dietrich components

You will find a list of the most used Spare Parts in the Customer Service Brochure:

Mixing technology

  • GlasLock® Blades
  • GlasLock® Shafts
  • Monobloc Agitators
  • Beavertail Baffles
  • Finger Baffles
  • Combined Baffle - Dip Pipe
  • Glass-lined Steel Dip Pipes
  • Glass-lined Thermowells





Gaskets (Aramid & Graphite)

  • PTFE & Reinforced PTFE Gaskets for Nozzles
  • PTFE Gaskets for Manhole Covers
  • PTFE Gaskets for Covers
  • Reinforced PTFE Gaskets for Covers / Columns Repair



  • PTFE & Tantalum Sleeves
  • Tantalum Plugs & Accessories

Check your equipment and find the item you need !






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