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Enamelled Cover with Fused Glass

Enhanced safety, improved visibility and easier cleaning
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De Dietrich Process Systems Fused Glass solution consists of a sight glass fused
into a glass-lined steel mount

Enhanced safety:

The combination of glass-lined steel and soda-lime glass DIN 8902 allows a homogeneous stress distribution as well as a perfect chemical resistance as the product comes in contact with no other material than glass and glass-lining.


  • Better mechanical impact resistance
  • Better thermal shock resistance
  • Higher resistance to pressure
  • Better fracture resistance (the glass can't explode): in case of a crack the sight glass remains tight
  • Reduced leakage risk: as the glass is fused into the glass-lining, no gasket needs to be used

Improved visibility for a better optical monitoring of the process:

A better scratch resistance combined with an unreduced diameter due to the elimination of the gasket, allows optimized monitoring of your process.

Easy cleaning:

  • No dead zones
  • No gaskets

De Dietrich Process Systems covers can be supplied with an external protection
by Nickel Coating

For pharmaceutical or fine chemical companies which are concerned about the risk of contaminating their products, particularly with paint chips.

Advantages of Nickel Coating:

  • Bonds perfectly with the base material
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean due to a specific surface preparation (roughness Ra<1.6µm)
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Makes it possible to apply surface coating to components with complex geometries
  • Very good homogenous distribution of the coating layer


De Dietrich Process Systems manhole and handhole fused-glass covers are suitable for all existing glass-lined reactors and vessels.

The covers are available in various sizes from DN 150 up to DN 600 and various designs:

  • One or two sight glasses directly fused into the manhole cover (the second sight glass can be used with a lamp)
  • One sight glass combined with an additional Quick and Easy opening

Technical data:

  • Pressure: -1/+6 bar
  • Temperature: -25/+200°C
    (may vary depending on type & size)


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