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Filter-dryer components

With over 4,000 references for machines as old as 30 years, we can provide you with the right part for your filter-dryer (Rosenmund, Guedu or De Dietrich) with best lead time
Filter-dryer components

Please contact us indicating the reference of your machine, if known.

We supply spare parts for Rosenmund, Guedu and De Dietrich Process Systems dryers and filter-dryers.

Contact - USA


Servicing Rosenmund/DDPS machines in the Americas

Phone : +1 (704) 587.5330



Contact - France (Semur)


Servicing Guedu machines worldwide and Rosenmund/DDPS machines in France

Phone : +33 3 80 87 12 23

Email :


Contact - Worldwide (Bubendorf)


Servicing Rosenmund/DDPS machines

Phone : +41 61 925 11 18

Email :

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