Filter / Dryers upgrade

Our solutions to upgrade your filter-dryers
Chances are that your filter-dryer that has provided your company with years of service is still in full production, years after the initial capital investment was made.

Quality pieces of equipment, when regularely maintained and occasionally repaired, last for many years.

Your machine can be upgraded and modernized to provide yet additional years of useful service.

Now is the time to consider upgrading to one of the many design options detailed below.

All of the upgrades listed can be expertly and efficiently implemented at your plant site: the machine stays in place at your location.

  •     Improvement of the product quality
  •     Improvement of the productivity of the machine
  •     Product change and multipurpose application
  •     Safety and environmental reasons
  •     Validating and documentation editions
  •     Budget and/or time restrictions
Upgrade your existing equipment
Discover how to upgrade your machine to improve product yield and performance
Upgrade your existing equipment
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