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Pack Off Station

The contained way to package powders
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The Pack-Off Station is designed for charging of powders in a controlled manner into drums using continuous bag liners
for high level containment.

Applications: Installed in Pharmaceutical or Chemical Plants to provide high level containment when discharging or
transferring potent materials from process equipment into lined drums.


This system allows for contained charging of wet or dry powders into lined drums under manual or automatic control.
Our Pack Off Station provides a totally integrated solution when coupled with a range of De Dietrich equipment including the Powder Pumps and Filter / Dryers.


• Safe and contained handling of toxic and explosive powders
• Maintains industrial hygiene
• Handles wet or dry powders
• Ergonomic Design
• Adaptable to auxiliary equipment


• Works with drums from 15 to 60 L
• Automatic filtered bag purge (inertion prior to filling start), bag venting during filling
• Adjustable fill weight accuracy to 5g
• Fast and slow fill function (automatic) – jog function (manual)
• Configurable target weight
• Onboard control system can be integrated with auxiliary equipment to control the fill sequence
• Integration of milling/delumping equipment
• Primary containment level to 1μg/m3
• High containment isolator option available
• Clean in Place technology with collection funnel
• Compliant with ATEX, FDA regulations

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