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Enamel DD 3009 HA

Solution for Harsh applications
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Aggressive and corrosive processes (high acid concentration at high temperature) or processes with particles can be difficult to handle.

These conditions will reduce the life time of your equipment and if the acid reaches the steel, it will be corroded in few hours causing dramatic consequences.

To optimise the life time of your equipment, we propose: the enamel DD 3009 HA.

The DD 3009 HA is a specific enamel application, it combines a thicker enamel’s layer (up to 2.6 mm) compared to the DIN requirements and includes different colors in the glass layer.
The first layer is white and the top covers are dark blue to keep under control your equipment integrity. By seeing the white enamel’s layer, the coating structuring indicates when the warning level is reached.

Besides the specific application, our DD 3009 enamel shows a single homogenous vitreous structure with high corrosion resistance and elevated hardness which confer high abrasion resistance.

DD 3009 HA quality is recognized by all PAC producers.


  • Increased life time thanks to high corrosion resistance and increased cover coat thickness
  • Multipurpose applications
  • Increased safety
  • Time saving during the enamel inspection
  • Allows to plan equipment changing and re-glassing with serenity


  • Increased enamel thickness (+100% compared to the ISO norm minimum requests)
  • High corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • High quality DD 3009 glass
  • One single homogeneous vitreous structure
  • Easy identification of the warning level thanks to the white layer
  • Multi layer wet-process application and extended inspection after each layer
  • Increased spark test voltage


The DD 3009 glass is manufactured by De Dietrich in our plant in France. That means a perfect quality and total reliability for all our glass lined solutions.

The way the enamel is applied on the equipment is as much important to ensure the best quality, that’s why our experienced sprayers make the difference.

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