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Enamel DD3009 white

The enamel for the Fine Chemical & Pharma applications
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Manufacturing of API’s, intermediates or final products for the pharmaceutical industries has to be compliant to many requirements governed by the FDA, EMeA, ICH (International Conference on Harmonisation).

The key words are: no contamination, cleanability, purity, acids and alkalis resistance, polyvalence to fulfill different types of processes.

For these applications, we propose since many years: the DD3009 White.


  • FDA, EMeA and ICH compliant
  • Compliant for food contact CE 1935/2014
  • Polyvalence to handle various processes
  • Easy detection of residues:
    - Reduction of the time cleaning operation
    - Gains in productivity
  • No product migration from the coating
  • Long life time


  • Same enamel properties as our DD3009 standard enamel
  • Meets high requirements for cleaning, cleanliness and sterilization
  • Very smooth roughness to ease cleaning step and avoid products residues
  • White color offers the best product contrast to detect easily any residues and leakages
  • Free of toxic metals
  • Impervious, neutral and without any catalytic effect
  • High corrosion resistance (acids & alkalis)
  • Suitable for high pressure and full vacuum at elevated temperatures
  • Enamel also available in dark or light blue as per customers requirements


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