Glass Nutsche Filter DN600


  • Superior technical solution
  • From DN300 to DN600
  • No metal in contact with the product
  • Two separate movable parts
  • Comfortable handling
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick product collection
  • Simple substitution of the filter cloth
  • Connections for ventilation, nitrogen etc.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance
  • Smooth, pore-free surface
  • Transparency
  • Catalytic inertness
  • No effect on odour and taste
  • Physiological acceptability


The brand new QVF®-Nutsche Filter for vacuum filtration ideally meets the special demands of R&D as well as small scale production in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

The two main parts of the QVF®-Nutsche Filter system

  • mobile filter plate
  • glass cover with height adjustable blade to smoothen the filter cake

are mounted on wheels, so that the unit can be comfortably moved to different locations


QVF®-Nutsche Filter with mobile vessel, the head cover is raised

QVF®-Nutsche Filter

The easy detachable and mobile filtrate chamber enables quick product collection, even in a fume box.

Using vacuum during the filtration process the liquid phase will be sucked through the filter into a receiver. Nitrogen bleed through
the reactor at atmospheric pressure is possible.

Cracks and gaps within the filter cake can be closed by lowering the integrated flat blades and cranking the handwheel in order
to smooth the surface.

After finishing the filtration process a washing step with simultaneous agitating may be realised. Prior to starting another filtration
Prior to starting another filtration process the stirrer should be locked in its upper position.

The filter cake can be comfortably removed out of the filtrate chamber. The head cover is raised by means of the integrated lifting
device and the filtrate chamber swings out while the cover- fixed with bolts - remains in the mobile rack.

Producing several identical batches the QVF®-Nutsche Filter can be easily reassembled again after cleaning the sealing surface
between filtrate chamber and cover. In case of a product change the filtrate chamber should be cleaned after being released from
the bottom and the filter cloth can be substituted if necessary.



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