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Mobile Powder Pump System

Flexible solution for the transfer of powders
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The Mobile Powder Pump System is designed to allow the transfer of powders into multiple receiving vessels
using only one transfer system.
Applications: Used in the pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry to provide a solution for the transfer of powders
into several different receiving vessels.




This system includes a mobile cart on which a vacuum pump, control panel and utility valves remain permanently mounted and a Powder Pump unit that can be installed on a number of different vessels into which powders can be transferred.

To see the detailled characteristics of the pump:Powder Pump


  • Single system for multiple reactors
  • Safe charging of powder into vessels
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Limited investment and fast ROI



  • Fully functional stand alone piece of equipment
  • Ergonomically design which includes fork lift channels for storage and building change
  • Ease of use and assembly (one connection between trolley and Powder Pump once situated in place)
  • Pneumatic or PLC/HMI control system
  • Ideal for R&D facility or CDMO where investment costs are critical and equipment is multi functional
  • Can be used with modular gloveboxes and other equipment
  • ATEX rated to Zone 1/21
  • Can be used to dry seed crystallisations
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