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FleXTech Reactor

Our range of alloy and stainless steel reactors
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FleXTech Reactor
The technology and the experience of De Dietrich Process Systems for your alloy and stainless steel reactor

A complete range from 63 l to 10,000 l.
Geometry according to DIN 28136-1.

Temperature sensor integrated in the wall.

  • Integration of all mechanical aspects
  • Process intensification: Our expertise at your service, Efficient mixing technology, Improved heat transfer
  • Global certification: PED, ATEX, Machinery Directives, ...
  • F.A.T. with dynamic tests
  • Optimization of cleaning with guarantee of results

Agitation can be adapted to your process using GlasLock Technology.

The main advantages: to benefit from our experience in glass-lined reactor for your stainless steel reactor.

  • 3D modeling
  • Flow modeling
  • Turbulence studies
  • Mixing simulation
  • Heat exchange calculation
  • Optimization of the operating parameters
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