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Efficient mixing is essential to the reaction process and is the major concerns of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Reliable agitation, mixing and heat transfer solutions are necessary to improve performances and reduce production costs.

Agitation and heat transfer solutions are key elements in a process.  When effectively used, these elements mix products to obtain a homogenous solution.

De Dietrich Process Systems can apply years of experience to provide a mixing system for your chemical products

Mixing is a complex process in which different parameters are considered

  • Hydrodynamics (turbulent or laminar flow)
  • Heat transfer (heating, cooling, control of exothermic reactions)
  • Chemical (reactants and products)
  • Mechanical (injected energy, shear rate, absorbed power, ...)


Baffles aid in breaking the rotation of the liquid and eliminate the formation of the vortex caused by high impeller speeds.

OptiMix® baffles

This patented baffle design optimizes the mixing performance of glass-lined reactors by integrating three baffles on the vessel wall.


Beavertail Baffles

The high performance, flange-mounted Beavertail baffle features no- entry installation and removal.


Dip pipe - Baffle

The innovative combination of 4 functions in one piece of equipment – baffling, sampling, product introduction and temperature measurement.



The sampling baffle allows several functions in one nozzle – baffling, sampling, temperature measurement, and process measurement.




The GlasLock® system

This patented system with removable blades allows to benefit from different blades design and simplifies maintenance operations


Monobloc agitators

Our one piece agitators for glass-lined reactors type AE and CE


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