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For highly corrosive materials or end products that require ultra-pure environments, De Dietrich Process Systems reactors are the best choice to achieve process performance goals efficiently and economically.

We are able to provide complete engineered solutions for reaction. Our reactors are available as standalone equipment or can be incorporated into a system, including upstream and downstream equipment.

As a chemical process equipment specialist, our main purpose is to ensure both the mixture of reactants and heat transfer, resulting in a guaranteed process efficiency.

Reaction units are primarily manufactured from glass-lined steel, borosilicate 3.3 glass or stainless steel with a variety of accessories and instrumentation. Each method of construction has its own advantages for process and operation considerations.


Glass Lined Reactor

Our glass-lined reactors have been at the heart of chemical operations for over a century. These are robustly designed and manufactured to stand up to very harsh environments.



Our knowledge in agitation systems combined with our many years of experience as a reactor manufacturer have allowed us to develop expertise in the field of mixing and thermal calculation.


Glass Reactor

Our range of reactors and components, manufactured from Borosilicate Glass 3.3, provide excellent resistance to chemical attack and corrosion as well as transparency for optimum visual observation.


Stainless Steel Reactor

The technology and experience of De Dietrich Process Systems can be applied to your stainless steel reactor.


Engineered solution

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