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Pan dryer

The Guedu® Pan Dryer is adapted for dynamic vacuum drying of delicate, heatsensitive product, requiring low residual moisture. The agitated drying allows a good mixing and a thermal homogeneity which ensures even drying.
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Pan dryer
The Powerful high performer

Flexible :

A robust, proven design, the Guedu dryer  is adapted to all conditions of use.

Efficient drying : 

The design of the agitation is specially developed to facilitate the drying, with a high product renewal rate on the heated surfaces and to ensure efficient heat transfer.

Compact : 

The design has an excellent volume to footprint ratio, simplifying installation in your existing plant.

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Focus on: agitation:

The Guedu® agitator is designed to create an efficient mixing which allows to obtain a good thermal homogeneity, and to dry the product evenly.

By creating a mixing and pumping action in a powder or paste, the Guedu® agitator ensure the homogeneity of your product.

The agitator heating can provide more than 50% of the energy required to dry your product.


Reducing cycle times by a factor of 10, De Dietrich Process Systems vacuum drying technology has successfully been implemented for the dryin
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A number of small scale trial units are available for rental, for trials either at your site or in the De Dietrich Process Systems trial lab
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