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The biggest Glass Bottle of the World!

28 March 2017
We set records in glass!





QVF Glass bottle with colleagues
The DDPS project team proudly presents the biggest glass bottle in the world!

The QVF® competence center in Mainz/Germany of De Dietrich Process Systems is well-known for its unique ability to manufacture equipment made of borosilicate glass 3.3 up to a nominal diameter of DN1000 for the chemical industry. This time we took advantage of our ability to produce the probably biggest glass bottle in world:

• Nominal width :   DN1000
• Height:               298 cm
• Bottle neck:        DN300
• Nominal volume: 1700 l
• Dry weight:         370 kg

This glass component is a master stroke and was due to its extreme size also a challenge for our entire workshop in Mainz. It is even bigger than the wine bottle we made in 1993 for an exhibition in Saint-Cloud, France.

The bottle DN1000 was certified by the German Records Institute   as the "World's biggest glass bottle" and is about to be entered in the GUINNESS-Book of Records.

As the glass bottle is made of the same borosilicate 3.3 glass approved by the European Pressure Equipment Directive and used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the bottle easily resists to the hydrostatic pressure generated when it is completely filled, for example with wine.

The glass bottle was presented to the public on March 16, 2017 to the reopening after renovation of the famous China restaurant "Engel Wang Fu" in Lustenau, Vorarlberg in Austria. Together with Pfanner & Gutmann Getränke GmbH, the winemaker Keringer from Mönchhof in Burgenland has completely filled the bottle with his red wine "Keringers 100-Days-Zweigelt 2015". The bottle was closed with a gold plated  genuine cork and sealed with wax. The air-conditioned glass cabinet is ideal for presenting the wine bottle and storing it at 16 ° C. The arrival, installation, preparation and filling of the glass bottle in the "Angel Wang Fu" restaurant is shown here.








QVF biggest glass bottle main welding
Main welding of the body of the biggest glass bottle at DDPS in Mainz





QVF biggest glass bottle cover welding
Welding of the cover of the biggest glass bottle at DDPS in Mainz





QVF biggest glass bottle neck welding
Welding the neck of the biggest glass bottle at DDPS in Mainz





QVF biggest glass bottle prepared for the tempering oven
Preparation for the tempering process in an oven of the biggest glass bottle at DDPS in Mainz





Biggest Glass Bottle Packed
Shipping preparation of the biggest glass bottle at DDPS in Mainz

We would like to thank Lenz Laborglas GmbH & Co. KG in Wertheim and the Restaurant « Engel Wang Fu » in Lustenau for the idea and the opportunity to realise this project.





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