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Nickel Coating now also for Fused Glass covers

24 January 2018
The Nickel Coating Solution

De Dietrich Process Systems is continuing to extend its range of glass-lined accessories with external nickel coating to meet the needs of its customers, in particular pharmaceutical and fine chemical manufacturers, who are sensitive to the risk of contamination of their products with paint chips. Glass-lined manhole covers and handhole covers with fused sight glass “Fused glass” are now available with this external coating.

The external protection of process equipment (reactors, piping, etc.) in glass-lined steel is traditionally provided by the paint. These paints have excellent corrosion resistance but may in places be subject to high mechanical stress, and flake.

In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, it is unacceptable that painting chips contaminate the very high added value product.

To address this risk, De Dietrich Process Systems has developed a nickel coating solution that provides corrosion protection comparable to painting, while eliminating the risk of chipping.

Indeed, nickel coating has outstanding properties:

  • Bonds perfectly with the base material
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean thanks to a specific surface preparation
  • Makes it possible to apply homogenous surface coating to components with complex geometries

This coating is particularly suitable for glass-lined accessories such as manhole covers, handhole covers, protection rings and even some AE reactor covers, or process peripheral such as piping.

This solution, to eliminate any risk of product contamination, is offered at a highly competitive price.

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