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Condensation and separation unit Thermipack®

The condensation and separation unit Thermipack® offers a combination of different process steps: Condensation, first and second steps, Separation, Storage of solvents in one single device.
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Condensation and separation unit Thermipack®
Thanks to the modular design, the decanter can be used only if required, or it can be employed to complement another existing unit. Other functions, such as additional VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) recovery, can be easily integrated into the Thermipack® unit. The materials (enamel, stainless steel, alloy) are chosen according to the characteristics of the products to be treated.


Complete internal cleaning of all components, a low retention of liquids as well as smooth inside and outside surfaces guarantee complete and efficient cleaning according to FDA requirements. Additionally installed spray nozzles guarantee reliable cleaning even without disassembly.


The unmatched compactness of Thermipack® leads to a space requirement 4 times smaller than the one of a conventional design. If there is only little space available, Thermipack® is a must.


The connection pipes are reduced by up to 80%.


Less plot space, significant reduction and simplification of piping with less support structure, reduced handling and installation minimise project costs.


The efficiency of the two stage plate condensers reduce the quantity of uncondensed solvent.


Since larger quantities of solvent can be stored, handling efforts are reduced and the full batch can be analyzed and pre-treated in situ.


3 sizes of condensing units covering a range of reactors up to 16m2.

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