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Plant-based Ingredients

De Dietrich Process Systems strengthens its positions in the vegetal chemistry, offering a comprehensive set of dedicated solutions. Solutions that will make you extract the best of nature for outstanding biosourced materials.

Nature is bright with extraordinary treasures to deliver!

In De Dietrich Process Systems, we believe that plant-based chemistry with the use of renewable biomass is the path forward sustainable and eco-responsible economy.

We also believe that the new challenges connected to the needs of a greener chemistry will bring some extraordinary opportunities for long lasting growth.

We are fully dedicated to support our customers to create and deliver innovating, high performance and cost effective biosourced materials.

We share the same exciting vision that Nature is at the heart of tomorrow industries.

From personal care to fine fragrances

De Dietrich Process Systems provides its numerous customers a comprehensive set of technologies and process solutions for the production of refined biosourced ingredients.

Their exceptional quality make them essential for the most demanding markets among which: FOOD & BEVERAGE, NUTRITION & HEALTH, COSMETICS, FRAGRANCES, BIO MATERIALS, BIO ENERGY.


Food & Beverage

  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colorants
  • Food preservers and enhancers
  • Texturants
  • Antioxidants


  • Refined essential oils
  • Resinoïds, Concretes
  • Absolutes


  • Botanicals API
  • Natural extracts
  • Colorants
  • Texturants
  • Refined oils

Nutrition & Health

  • Botanicals API
  • Natural excipients
  • Herbal extracts
  • Dietary supplements


De Dietrich Process Systems engineering and production workflow help you convert your ideas into success stories

We provide support in all engineering and coordination phases of your projects.

Our simulation tools and trials units allow to thoroughly design the process systems and utilities needs.

Our miniplants skids help your teams to go further in R&D programs.

We offer an extensive range of state-of-the-art industrial technologies for processing biomass, to extract and purify high quality ingredients.

We offer turn-key solutions, commissioning and training and After Sales services, for reliable long term operations.


Focus on oleaginous raw materials, extracted from the biomass.
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Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicines.
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