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QVF® SUPRA-Line - The Component System

QVF SUPRA-Line can not only connect the former glass systems to the QVF SUPRA-Line but also to interconnect the different former glass systems to each other.
QVF® SUPRA-Line - The Component System

The Superior Component System:


  • Higher pressures also for larger dimensions, higher level of safety
  • Ball/socket and flat flange piping to be combined in any manner
  • New ON/OFF valves, with low dead volume
  • Optimized vessels (L/D), triple-wall vessels, nozzles, standard bottom outlet valve with low dead volume
  • Optimized shell and tube heat exchangers, applicable up to 6 bar, GMP
  • Process-optimized column components, larger free cross sectional area, grids, with full technical data provided
  • New stirrer with adjustable variable length
  • Connections
  • Simplified structures (supports, vessel holders, structural certification)

See Glass in a New Light QVF SUPRA-Line: Flange ends

Spare Parts for Glass Systems of the last 60 Years


The QVF brand has a rich history, throughout which it has developed and established itself as the embodiment of technical glass in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Consequently there are various flange systems in the market in addition to the WPR2002 and the KF SCHOTT flange system. Therefore, it was our objective to meet the market requirements to unify the various systems with compatibility and at the same time to increase their value.

The result is an optimized product line up to the nominal size DN300 based on the proven KF and WPR2002 component system while discontinuing the flange with shoulder cone. This not only drastically reduces the variety of types of technically equivalent components but also creates compatibility among them and offers the user further important benefits.

In the nominal size range DN450-1000 the QVF SUPRA-Line is identical to the WPR2002 system. QVF SUPRA-Line is the superior component system to the current QVF programs and is available worldwide.

The Material Advantage in a New Light


  • Easier planning and stock holding time-saving, easier locating, less stock space, IT normed numbering system
  • Long-term procurement guarantee MADE IN GERMANY, operating safety, reliable supplier
  • Product classification having determined delivery times
  • Reliably planned spare parts stock, reliable delivery times
  • Simplified handling easier planning due to optimized structure, compatible with existing systems
  • Spring element (patent pending) safer in operation
  • Less amount of components reduced requirements for spare parts, less costly procurement, high availability, simplified maintenance planning
  • Simplified grounding time-saving, no need of skilled personnel
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